Water damaged insulation: what do I do with it?

When the insulation of your home businesses than damaged by water can lead to a lot of confusing questions. Is it still a good installation material? Will it eventually damage other structures such as tiled floors and drywall? Will breed mold and mildew? The problem with answering these questions is that installation comes in various different forms some of which can survive water damage. Here are some things to consider.

The installation of every home is different.for example you could have fiberglass, cellulose, cotton, foam ball or even spray board and each must be treated differently after water damage. Any organic materials will breed mold very quickly while the non-organic ones were only break mold if they aren’t dried out properly.

One main problem is the risk of toxins being retained within the insulation sometimes for years and years. Without any previous experience of cleaning up after water damage is highly recommended that you seek out the water damage restoration company. They will come a man with the experts knowledge tell you whether or not your installation can be saved or whether you would be best advised to install new insulation.

If you feel you have the knowledge and the skills to do a preliminary examination of the insulation yourself and be sure to take prudent safety precautions. Where facemask and use gloves at all times. mold spores can grow rapidly and if you have a compromised immune system and you breathe in potentially harmful you could be looking at a whole range of unpleasant and expensive medical problems in the future.