Water under your floors

It’s horrible to be wandering through your house and the feel is squelching underneath your feet as you realise that your carpet is now soaked with water. Carpet that is saturated for any length of time can become a breeding ground for mildew and mould. What do you do? Well the first thing to do is not to panic. The second thing to do is to call a water damage restoration company but here are a few things you can do it yourself to mitigate the damage before they arrive.

  • The first thing you should always do is open up the windows if only to begin with. The more airflow you can get into the room the better. All items that have any contact with the carpet including beds, boxes and other things should be removed from the room.
  • You will need a vacuum that can suck up water and without pressing too hard, that will cause the water to spread further throughout the room, start to vacuum on the water. This may take several attempts.
  • If possible get several large box fans and set them in the four corners of the room blowing air from the room. This will help drive a carpet more rapidly.
  • If you have access to a dehumidifier that will help get rid of moisture even faster. You have to use both the fans and the dehumidifier over several days to be sure that you got rid of all the water. Eventually the carpet should become dry. Be aware though that without calling in a professional and without tearing up the carpet you can never be sure you got all the moisture just by doing these things.

The Romans were innovative inventors, apart from other things. One invention was under floor heating. What a luxury to have, warm floors on cold nights or mornings. No more fear about leaving the bed in the mornings because the floor is too cold to step on. For most of us, under floor heating isn’t a luxury we have. if you suddenly find your self with warm flooring such as your tile floor in you kitchen is warm or hot, do not be content. This is not a sign that your luck has changed and you have a magically warm floor now, you have a serious water and damage happening under the floor.

Thee best thing you can do is to call a water damage restoration company immediately, Having unexpected hot or warm flooring could be a sign of a water pipe or pipes bursting under the floor boards. To help stop the chance of flooding you should go and turn the water off at the main. If you have any difficulties locating where that is you should call your homeowners association or the company who built your home to help you locate it.

If your floors are not unexpectedly warming up your footsies and are instead stubbing you, you may have a pipe burst under the floor beds as well. Lifting, rising, warping floors are also a major sign of possible water damage and pipes bursting.

Floors that were once smooth and level but now uneven and slightly attacking your feet need to be handle in the same way. Call a water damage restoration company and soon as possible.

 How to fix your leaking shower and bath tub



Almost nothing is quite as annoying as the discovery that your shower or bath club has sprung a leak. Unless you find the leak in its inception you have no idea how long the leak may have been happening and how much water may have accumulated underneath the shower or bath tub. Water can travel great distances within houses structure and you may be looking at quite massive bills to deal with the fallout from even a very small leak.


One of the most common areas that shower or bath tub can leak from is the faucet leading into it. Often this is due to the O-rings or rubber washers that form part of the faucet wearing out with time. In order to replace this part you will first need to disconnect the faucet from the bath or shower and this can sometimes be very difficult. Oftentimes a buildup of hard water deposits encrusts the faucet and makes it very difficult to remove but with patients it can be done.


Always be sure to switch off the water at the main before you undergo any major plumbing work. This will prevent untoward accidents from occurring while you are working on your bath or shower. If you find that the water damage has become too much for you to deal with on your own you should call in a water damage restoration company to help you with the work. These professionals will not only deal with the issue but also take away the stress of the situation from you.

Water damage and wooden floors

Often homeowners call water damage restoration companies and the call is about water damage to their floors. Most people take certain steps towards dealing with the water damage themselves before they call a water damage restoration company but this is often not enough to prevent the damage getting worse. Drying the floor, putting fans in the room and generally trying to clear can only go so far to restoring your wooden floor. Waiting too long to call a water damage restoration company often means that you will be paying more in the end. Here are a few reasons why waiting is a bad idea.

  • Sometimes after hours but generally after a few days the wooden floors can no longer be salvaged. The damage has gone to deep.
  • By the time you call the water damage restoration company the floors will usually have started to warp and you may also be dealing with mold issue.
  • Most insurance companies will not pay for mold issues.


When water damage happens hardwood floors only a very small portion of water remains on the surface. Most of it seeps deep inside the wood and to the base floor below. Without the proper equipment you cannot remove the water from inside the wood and therefore given time the wood will start to rot and mold will start to form. When it comes to war damage and wooden floors the best thing you can do is call a quality mold and water damage Restoration Company as soon as possible. The more time you wait the more money you will spend in the end.

Water damaged insulation: what do I do with it?

When the insulation of your home businesses than damaged by water can lead to a lot of confusing questions. Is it still a good installation material? Will it eventually damage other structures such as tiled floors and drywall? Will breed mold and mildew? The problem with answering these questions is that installation comes in various different forms some of which can survive water damage. Here are some things to consider.

The installation of every home is different.for example you could have fiberglass, cellulose, cotton, foam ball or even spray board and each must be treated differently after water damage. Any organic materials will breed mold very quickly while the non-organic ones were only break mold if they aren’t dried out properly.

One main problem is the risk of toxins being retained within the insulation sometimes for years and years. Without any previous experience of cleaning up after water damage is highly recommended that you seek out the water damage restoration company. They will come a man with the experts knowledge tell you whether or not your installation can be saved or whether you would be best advised to install new insulation.

If you feel you have the knowledge and the skills to do a preliminary examination of the insulation yourself and be sure to take prudent safety precautions. Where facemask and use gloves at all times. mold spores can grow rapidly and if you have a compromised immune system and you breathe in potentially harmful you could be looking at a whole range of unpleasant and expensive medical problems in the future.

Frugality versus fungus: false economy and the mold in your cupboards

In this time with economy not at its best and with money often hard to find sometimes we have to get rather inventive with the meals we make for our families. Suddenly tuna and spaghetti seem to go very well together and peanut butter goes on everything. This inventiveness can be very good for us. It gets us out of our comfort zone and causes us to become more resourceful.

One thing we shouldn’t do however is use food that is past its expiration date. A day or two past the expiration date is no big deal but when against the realms of months or more after the expiration date then things can get rather dangerous.


Here is a story about what happened when a mother made pancakes for her son from a mixture that was well out of date.

“A student at HBHS (high school) had pancakes this week and it almost became fatal. His Mom (registered nurse) made him pancakes, dropped him off at school and headed to play tennis. She never takes her cell phone on the court but did this time ; and her son called to say he was having trouble breathing. She told him to go to the nurse immediately and proceeded to call school and alert the nurse.

The nurse called the paramedics and they were there in 3 minutes and worked on the boy all the way to the hospital. He came so close to dying. Evidently this is more common then I ever knew. Check the expiration dates on packages like pancakes and cake mixes that have yeast which over time develop spores. Apparently, the mold that forms in old mixes can be toxic! Throw away ALL OUTDATED pancake mix, brownie mixes, Bisquick, cake & cookie mixes, etc., you have in your home.

P.S. Tell this to your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and anyone else who keeps these types of mixes in the cupboard.

This warning especially applies to those with mold allergies!”

If you suspect that your home is developed mold and that its in danger of getting into your food you should call a professional mold remediation company to deal with it. All mold is potentially harmful, only a professional can tell you whether or not mold found in your home is harmless.

Mildew: how to deal with the smell after water damage

When your home has suffered water damage, whether it was a pipe that burst, a slower and persistent leak or a leaky roof during heavy rain you are aware how difficult it is to fully cleanup after water damage. Once you’ve completed the initial cleanup though you may think that your task is complete until sometimes well after the event your house starts to take on particular odor. Mildew has reared its ugly head and now it’s time to deal with it. Here are some tips on what you can do to deal with mildew.


Unfortunately these odors are a natural part of water damage, you obviously want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Hopefully these tips will be helpful to you in your battle against mildew.


  1. Clean and dry the area

Before you do anything else it’s important to make sure the area where water damage has occurred is dry. To make this happen, your best bet is to leave the windows open if the temperature is moderate and it’s not too moist outside.
 This will create an environment that is difficult for mold to grow in. Tip: Using a box fan to blow cool air over the area can also be very helpful. Just make sure that the water doesn’t affect the fan if it’s on the floor. Only remove the fan when you feel that the affected area is dry.

  1. Cover the smell

To get rid of the smell, make a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and vanilla. Sprinkle that on the affected area and let it sit. This will help mask the smell but it may not be a long-term solution.

  1. Hire a Professional remediation company

Sometimes the water damage can’t be remedied by a homeowner, especially in terms of mold and mildew smells. Oftentimes the mildew a smell of the house is an indicator that you haven’t discovered all the mold yet. You may think that you’ve got to the heart the problem only to discover that mold is growing happily elsewhere.

That’s why you should hire a professional to help with the mildew smell removal process. You can do a lot on your own, but when it comes to your health and the health of your family, a professional is essential. Quality mold the holy month Remediation Company will in the long run save you time, money and peace of mind.

Merwin Fire Contained

As of July 4th, authorities reported that an eastern Moreno Valley brush fire that consumed over 140 acres was 95 percent contained. The City News Service reports as follows:

“The Merwin Fire has not consumed additional acreage since Wednesday night, said the Riverside County Fire Department’s Jody Hagemann. Firefighters have made progress in digging a brush-free zone around the blaze.

More than 200 firefighters were working to encircle the blaze, which started at 8:40 p.m. Wednesday in the lightly populated area about two miles south of state Route 60, near the intersection of Campbell Avenue and Merwin Street.

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, Hagemann said.”

Lessons Learned

Fire damage can very well be partpart of everyday life in the Inland Empire. It can be extremely important to keep the following information in mind to make sure that you, your family, and your home are guarded should wildfire strike. You should make sure that…

No. You probably won’t prevent the next wildfire that threatens the Inland Empire, but you can keep you and your family secure for when such a fire breaks out. By taking these relatively simple steps and following them through, you can ensure that you, your family, and your property are given the best defense against wildfire and fire damage you can get.

Rancho Cucamonga Preserve Closed for Fire Damage Precautions

Over the Fourth of July weekend, the city of Rancho Cucamonga closed down its North Etiwanda Preserve until the following Monday. The closure was first announced on June 28th by officials of the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District and the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District. The officials cited that the nature preserve would be shut down “due to dangerous fire conditions and extremely low vegetation fuel moisture throughout the region.” This will be the second consecutive year that Rancho Cucamonga has closed the preserve over the Fourth of July weekend.

The policy of shutting down the North Etiwanda Preserve began last year in response to a fire that raged in the preserve last year and consumed 2,143 acres and destroyed one structure. Investigators went on to discover that an illegal campfire was a cause of the fire damage. Officials instituted the preserve closure when they discovered that it was a popular venue for campers and fireworks watchers over that particular weekend.

“The concern is mainly with the number of people that have been in the preserve during the evening of the Fourth of July in previous years,” Rancho Cucamonga Fire Marshal Robert Ball explained. “The preserve is technically closed at dusk every evening, but the preserve provides an attractive vantage point from which to observe fireworks shows in the valley.”

What You Can Learn

Fire damage risk and wildfires are a part of everyday reality in Rancho Cucamonga. It’s vitally important to prepare yourself so that you, your family, and your property are protected should disaster strike:

Will you be able to prevent the next big wildfire that threatens Rancho Cucamonga? Probably not, but you can keep you and your family safe for when it happens. By taking these relatively simple steps and following them through, you can ensure that you, your family, and your property are given the best defense against wildfire and fire damage you can get.

Smoke Corrosion: It’s Not Just Your Lungs That Get Damaged


When one thinks of the dangers of smoke, that person reasonably thinks of smoke inhalation and damage to physical health. What most people don’t realize, however, is that the particulate matter in smoke can also damage inanimate objects. This means that, even if damage from direct flame is minimal, smoke exposure can severely damage possessions in the home, as well as the home itself. These are some ways that smoke damage messes with your property.

Odor and Discoloration

The most obvious smoke damage to your home and possessions will be odor and discoloration. Smoke chemicals are resilient, and can linger long after the original fire is extinguished. This often means that smoke-touched surfaces are severely stained or discolored depending on the chemicals in the smoke. It isn’t unusual for black or dark brown staining to occur on wood and other porous surfaces. Fabrics and upholstery will also absorb any smoke order, leaving a lasting odor that might make your home a less-than-idea living space.

Surface Corrosion

Smoke leaves its particles behind on any surface it comes into contact with. This means that various chemicals that show up in smoke can be “left over” on materials, be absorbed by porous surfaces, and lead to rapid decomposition of affected structures and objects. The chemicals involved vary depending on what burned in the fire, such as nitrous oxide and phosphoric acid, and most of them are extremely corrosive and will cause dramatic damage if left untreated.

Electronic Degradation

Smoke corrosion is the most devastating to delicate structures such as the ones found in modern complex electronics. Smoke particles left behind on an electronic device’s internal circuitry can make quick work of sensitive internal components. Many chemicals in smoke are also electro-conductive, leading to smoke residue often causing short circuiting or all out device failure. Devices damaged this way are typically replaced outright rather than subjected to such difficult repairs.

Be Prepared

A fire can put you and your family at risk in a number of both expected and unexpected ways. The most important priority is to ensure that you and your family are prepared beforehand, and safe if one occurs. After the fact, however, it’s time to assess the damage. Working with your insurance company and property restoration service, you can zero in on the smoke damage and restore your property, possessions, and peace of mind.