Water damage and wooden floors

Often homeowners call water damage restoration companies and the call is about water damage to their floors. Most people take certain steps towards dealing with the water damage themselves before they call a water damage restoration company but this is often not enough to prevent the damage getting worse. Drying the floor, putting fans in the room and generally trying to clear can only go so far to restoring your wooden floor. Waiting too long to call a water damage restoration company often means that you will be paying more in the end. Here are a few reasons why waiting is a bad idea.

  • Sometimes after hours but generally after a few days the wooden floors can no longer be salvaged. The damage has gone to deep.
  • By the time you call the water damage restoration company the floors will usually have started to warp and you may also be dealing with mold issue.
  • Most insurance companies will not pay for mold issues.


When water damage happens hardwood floors only a very small portion of water remains on the surface. Most of it seeps deep inside the wood and to the base floor below. Without the proper equipment you cannot remove the water from inside the wood and therefore given time the wood will start to rot and mold will start to form. When it comes to war damage and wooden floors the best thing you can do is call a quality mold and water damage Restoration Company as soon as possible. The more time you wait the more money you will spend in the end.